Recreational Aquatics Industry Forum

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Recreational Aquatics Industry Forum

On Thursday 2nd November, more than 80 delegates gathered at Victoria Park to take part in the Recreational Aquatics Industry Forum.

Bringing together a panel of experts from around the world to discuss the various aspects of water usage in recreational aquatic environments, the event was a resounding success. The event aimed to shed light on the opportunities for harnessing water’s potential within such spaces, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and future-focused design.

Throughout the event, a wide array of topics were explored, each contributing to a deeper understanding of water’s role in recreational environments:

      • Intuitive and Biophilic Design: The concept of biophilic design, which emphasises the connection between people and nature, was thoroughly explored, along with real project examples and an in-depth look at best practise design principles.
      • Water Sanitation and Quality: The experts provided a comprehensive overview of water sanitation systems and the critical considerations for maintaining water quality and reducing resource use over an asset life cycle. This information is essential for ensuring the health and safety of users while conserving resources.
      • Structural and Hydraulic Engineering: The event delved into the technical aspects of designing and installing water features, emphasising the need for collaborative design from the outset; engaging the experts at project inception to ensure quality and functionality within the finished project.
      • Collaborative Design Practices: Collaboration among various stakeholders, including community members, asset managers, and local government authorities, was recognised as key to successful and sustainable water feature projects.
      • Council Master Planning: The significance of forward-thinking master planning in creating community facilities that meet future needs was discussed. This includes ensuring that facilities are future-focused and adaptable to evolving community requirements; with the focus on outcomes and community needs rather than budgets and funding.
      • Water Sustainability and Technology: The forum underscored the importance of using technology to protect water resources and ensure their sustainability. This is vital in the face of increasing environmental challenges.
      • Aquatic Centre Design: The question of whether the traditional 50-meter pool is still relevant was addressed, highlighting the need to adapt aquatic centre design to better meet the current and future needs of communities.  There was also a look to the future of aquatic design, the integration of splashparks and what could be developed for future projects; from natural pools to integrated precincts.
      • Global Design Trends:  Offering insights into the evolving preferences and approaches in this field, the effects of White Noise, Fogging and Year Round (adaptable 365, 24/7) water features were explored, alongside practical project examples and innovative technologies.

Technical Tour at Logan Gardens Waterpark

Following the industry forum, an in-person technical tour at Logan Gardens Waterpark offered participants a unique opportunity to explore a real-world example of the concepts discussed during the event.   The tour allowed attendees to see the public facilities and plant room while engaging with water quality specialists and council asset managers, who provided insights into the project’s design narrative and the council’s commitment to community engagement and facility maintenance.

The industry forum successfully achieved its goal of raising awareness about the potential of water in recreational environments, emphasising sustainability, and fostering dialogue among stakeholders in the industry. Attendees left the event with a deeper understanding of how aquatic recreation facilities can positively impact communities and with the knowledge and tools needed to create successful and sustainable water projects. The forum provided a valuable platform for sharing ideas and best practices, and it serves as a testament to the importance of responsible and thoughtful water usage in the future of recreational spaces.


Meet the Speaker Bio - David L’Heureux

David L’Heureux

Director of Business Development | Crystal Fountains

David has been involved with the water feature industry for 40 years, helping to design, revolutionise and build water features for clients throughout the world.   As a global leader and innovator within the water feature industry, Crystal Fountains works directly with Architects, Landscape Architects, Aquatic Designers and Water Feature Designers to create enthralling projects on the leading edge of technological advancement.

Toronto, Canada

Meet the Speaker Bio - Glen Power

Glen Power

Director | URBIS

Glen is a leading landscape architect focused on creating captivating spaces that delight the senses. He specialises in greenfield residential developments, resorts and waterfront revitalisation, with a particular interest in parklands and playgrounds.  Glen’s passion for energetic, family-oriented landscapes drives him to create high-quality, functional and innovative designs that suit the site and meet the client brief, with successfully delivered projects across Australia, New Zealand, China, and Taiwan.

Brisbane, QLD

Meet the Speaker Bio - Luke Bartlett

Luke Bartlett

Director | Aquatic One

Luke is a highly committed Infomechatronical engineer with extensive experience in design and specification spanning various disciplines. He possesses comprehensive expertise in overseeing the entire project lifecycle, from initial conceptualisation and implementation to successful execution and management. With over 17 years of dedicated service in the field of aquatics, Luke has consistently prioritised the integration of value engineering principles within the design process.

Nudgee, QLD

Meet the Speaker Bio - Yuri Dillon

Yuri Dillon

Creative Director | Liquid Blu Architects

Yuri is highly experienced in planning, design and delivery of integrated sport, community, leisure and tourism precincts with complex aquatic infrastructure requirements.  Yuri has been the project director for several multi-award winning projects, and his approach is underpinned by a deep understanding of aquatic facility environments inclusive of design, management, operations, water space programming, technology trends and sustainability.

Bowen Hills, QLD

Meet the Speaker Bio - Wes Mortensen

Wes Mortensen

Manager Parks and Recreation Planning | Moreton Bay City Council

Wes has 36 years’ experience in Built Environment professions across the private sector, QLD Government and numerous LGAs.  From humble beginnings as a “hack” drafter, Wes now leads a growing team of sports, outdoor recreation, landscape architecture and urban design specialists across Councils’ extensive portfolio, including aquatic and leisure facilities like lagoons, pools and splash parks while also being part of the Mayor’s Olympic Legacy Committee.

Strathpine, QLD

Meet the Speaker Bio - Michelle Nolland

Michelle Nolland

Executive Director | Larcan

Michelle has 20 years of experience in the Leisure, Aquatics, and Recreation sectors. Dedicated to improving individual and community access to recreation and physical activity, Michelle excels in strategic planning, innovative programming, financial viability, and prioritising the needs of her people, clients, and communities.

Port Macquarie, NSW

Meet the Speaker Bio - Shane Vardy

Shane Vardy

Aquatics Specialist | Atlantis Liquid Dynamics

Shane has extensive experience designing, operating and maintaining aquatic facilities; from small footprint splash pads to complex multi-level systems and aquatic parks.  With multiple tertiary qualifications relating to the safe and effective operation of an aquatic facility and up-to-the-minute knowledge of complex water quality guidelines and environments, Shane understands the intricacies involved in undertaking a water feature project.

Richlands, QLD


Meet the Speaker Bio - Wayne May

Wayne May

Parks Services Coordinator | Logan City Council

Focussed on Community outcomes, Council asset management and ongoing maintenance needs as part of the broader Logan City Council strategy

Logan Central, QLD

Meet the Speaker Bio - Aaron Bourke

Aaron Bourke

Director | The Pool Shop QLD

Experienced provider of Aquatic, Leisure and management services to commercial and government organisations

Port Macquarie, NSW

Logan Gardens Waterpark
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