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Toogoolawah Splashpad, Toogoolawah QLD

Toogoolawah Splashpark

Atlantis Liquid Dynamics’ concept waterpark design is a one-of-a-kind experience, where the towns’ iconic histroy can be re-lived and enjoyed by all!


Asset Owner:  Somerset Regional Council

Specialist Splashpark Construction:  Playscape Installations

Splashpark Equipment Design:  Atlantis Liquid Dynamics

Project Budget: $800,000



Located in the Brisbane Valley in the Somerset region, about two hour’s drive west of Brisbane, is the thriving regional town of Toogoolawah.

Toogoolawah is rich in history, with the region well known for its dairy and mixed farming.  In 1898, the McConnel family opened the condensed milk factory, which was later acquired by Nestle and set up as the central processing facility for Brisbane.

Somerset Regional Council was successful in gaining funding for the design and construction a new zero-depth splashpad, to be facilitated alongside to the existing Toogoolawah Swimming Pool to create an iconic community attraction.

Design Brief

The new facility design must entice locals and tourists to come and explore Toogoolawah, with the aesthetic to compliment the new Toogoolawah Condensery Art Gallery in the former packing building of the old Condensed Milk Factory.

Concept Design

Throughout the design phase, the Atlantis team kept the town’s history front of mind, with the desire to merge history with whimsy to create a feature that would delight people of all ages.

Toogoolawah Concept Design

Product Features

The central feature of the splashpad is an iconic milk can, which has been turned upside down to discharge a torrent of water onto waiting children below.  Using a unique, integrated water discharge function, the Milk Can has no moving parts, creating a maintenance-free asset for Council.

In recognition of the role the railway played in the development of Toogoolawah, a track and train system was designed and created around the Milk Can Dumper bucket, with circuitous railway tracks supporting the train above while delivering delightful sprays of water to the splashpad below.

Interactive elements at the ground level include duelling Blaster Cannons, curving Y-Trees with integrated railway signage, a BingO water arch and multiple ground sprays.

The splashpad was opened in September 2022 to a delighted local community.  Of the opening, Somerset Mayor Graeme Lehmann said the free community celebration was well attended.




It was fantastic to see so many people enjoying the enhancements to the facility.

The Toogoolawah Swimming Pool precinct includes the community gym and is a fantastic space for the community.

Graeme Lehmann

Councillor, Somerset Regional Council

Toogoolawah Dumper Bucket Discharge
Milk Dumper Bucket
Toogoolawah Train Dumper Bucket
Toogoolawah Milk Bucket clear acrylic deflector plate


Featuring stainless steel construction and a 2-pac epoxy finish, the Milk Can, iconic within this space, uses no moving parts to create a deluge of water – 250 litres at a time!  The water flow falls onto a clear, curved deflector plate for dispersion to the ground below, allowing children to stand directly under the discharge and watch the water cascade down.


The Toogoolawah train was reimagined in laser-cut stainless steel, complete with full-colour UV protected vinyl graphics.  The use of this medium allows for the graphical representation to be updated in the future, for example for seasonal to historical celebrations.

Toogoolawah Milk Bucket without water


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