Seaforth Esplanade, Seaforth

Seaforth Esplanade Tri Palm

Themed around coral gardens, rock pools and the endemic marine life, this aquatic haven offers a refreshing and interactive experience, featuring favourite elements of the region’s flora and fauna.


Asset Owner:  Mackay Regional Council

Splashpark Equipment Design:  Atlantis Liquid Dynamics

Specialist Splashpark Construction:  Playscape Installations

Principal Contractor:  Vassallo Constructions

Splashpark Equipment Budget: $360k


Seaforth Esplanade Splashpark Aerial View


Seaforth, a charming coastal town just 50 minutes north of Mackay, recently underwent a remarkable transformation with the redevelopment of the Seaforth Esplanade Reserve. 

Integral to the Seaforth Esplanade Master Plan of 2020, this revitalisation project was guided by two primary community values: incorporating the scenic beauty of the Esplanade surroundings and the importance of creating lasting memories, fostering family gatherings, and offering enjoyable holiday experiences.

Project Objectives

The upgrade prioritises a number of new community initiatives, with a particular spotlight on the swimming enclosure.  Other notable enhancements include new public amenities, change rooms, shelters, BBQ facilities, seating areas, and the addition of a Changing Places facility, ensuring accessibility and comfort for all.

Concept Design

Themed around coral gardens, rock pools and the endemic marine life, this aquatic haven offers a refreshing and interactive experience, featuring favourite elements of the region’s flora and fauna.

Seaforth Esplanade Concept Design

Seaforth Esplanade Redevelopment – Splashpark Concept Design

Unique Features

The site previously featured a wading pool, which was at the end of its useable life and no longer serviceable.  A much-loved feature of the space, the community’s request for an immersive aquatic experience was honoured with the design of a covered tidal pool, allowing water up to 300mm depth to pool within the area and create a wading pool for younger users.

Given the presence of wading birds on the site, an additional layer of safety has been integrated, with the water used in the tidal pool systematically drained and stored in tanks when not in use, safeguarding its potential use as a “natural habitat”.  

A complex system of valves, controlled by the plantroom facilities, has been implemented to ensure the pool drains at regular intervals to maintain the “tidal” effect, and to completely drain the pool overnight for safety.  This not only adds vibrancy to the water play experience but also integrates with the feeling of place for this location.

Water Quality Considerations

Mackay Water’s recent transition to chlorine gas as a treatment method prompted strategic adjustments within the setup of the plantroom. A separate dosing facility was established, ensuring efficient and precise chlorine administration, contributing to the safety, maintenance and water quality of the water play area.

Seaforth Esplanade Tidal Pool
Seaforth Esplanade Tidal Pool on Opening Day
Seaforth Esplanade Mackay

As the sun moves across the splashpark throughout the day, light and shadow play from the elevated features and integrated acrylics casts a dazzling display across the ground, to the surprise and delight of children and adults!


A zero depth splashpark has been created adjacent to the tidal pool, with towering Jellyfish, a Sea Horse and Palm Tree adding height and attraction from afar.  With a rainfall curtain, tipping buckets and arching water features, people of all ages can cool off and enjoy the unique experience. 

Along the ground plane, scuttling mudcrabs and a 5-armed starfish added a textural, three-dimensional element, while the colourful designs integrated into the surfacing encourage users to explore and interact with the features. 


Seaforth Esplanade Starfish
Seaforth Esplanade Splashpark Kids have fun
Seaforth Esplanade equipment made in Australia


The community played a pivotal role in shaping this transformation. Various concepts were presented to the locals, with enthusiastic participation from Seaforth State School students and staff.

A collaborative design process involving Council, JFP Urban Consultants, Atlantis Liquid Dynamics, Playscape Installations, Aquatic One, and WEBB Australia resulted in a fully coordinated and resolved design, professionally project managed and installed by local construction firm Vassallo Constructions.

The idyllic 5.77ha Seaforth Esplanade Reserve boasts beautiful ocean views and open spaces. It is a sought-after destination for residents of Seaforth and surrounding areas, along with visitors from within the Mackay region and beyond.

In September 2023, the redevelopment opened to locals with huge fanfare; with up to 1,000 visitors on opening day. The Seaforth Esplanade Reserve stands as a testament to community collaboration and a commitment to preserving the region’s scenic beauty and creating an iconic destination for locals and travellers alike.


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