H2Oasis and Australia's Tallest Waterslide Tower

The Atlantis Liquid Dynamics’ design team conceptualised an undersea wonderland of epic proportions, where children can play among huge, imagined sea creatures and let their imaginations run wild.


Asset Owner:  Village Roadshow Theme Parks

Principal Contractor:  Badge Constructions

Specialist Splashpad Construction:  Playscape Creations

H2Oasis Equipment Design:  Atlantis Liquid Dynamics

H2Oasis at Wet'n'Wild with Atlantis Liquid Dynamics

Creative Process

Wet’n’Wild has an abundance of huge thrill-seeking features and waterslides, all catering to older users.  The team at Village Roadshow recognised the need to have an attraction in the new section of the park that catered more specifically for families and toddlers; and the idea of the H2Oasis was born.

With a tight project delivery lead time, the Project Managers wanted to collaborate with an Australian business, circumventing any potentially supply chain or shipping issues.  The relationship with Atlantis Liquid Dynamics began with a stunning conceptual design featuring elements on a grand scale, not to be overlooked in proximity to Australia’s tallest water park slide tower.

Design Brief

The splashpad design brief included activities for all ages, with picnic facilities available for families who want to take some relaxing time out during the day.

Concept Design

The Atlantis Liquid Dynamics design team conceptualised an undersea wonderland of epic proportions, where children can play among huge, imagined sea creatures and let their imaginations run wild.

Product Features

Towering jellyfish are the focus on the North-West side of the splashpark, a stunning counterpoint to the slide tower behind it.  A remarkable and engaging feature, the Jelly Fish are supported by stunning, architecturally curved tentacles and an open plan design at ground level.  The elevated bell is brightly coloured and intricately finished, with the bright orange and yellow palette a visual attraction from afar.  Differing slightly in orientation, the Jelly Fish appear to be swimming away from each other.

H2Oasis at Wet'n'Wild Jellyfish
H2Oasis at Wet'n'Wild Tri Palm Swirl Whirl
H2Oasis at Wet'n'Wild Fish Ball Blaster


The creation of a huge central tipping bucket and palm trees were placed to create pockets of intense water flows, where it was envisioned hundreds of litres of water would be dumped onto thrilled participants below.

The entire splashpark was designed as zero depth and single level, accessible for people of all ages and abilities.  Wheelchair accessible fish ball water blasters carry on the under-the-sea theming, their directional spray allowing users to interact and socialise with others on the splashpad.

Duelling water archways create a truly immersive spray and misting experience, conceptualised and coloured as sea grasses and coral that grace the sea floor.  There are endless ways children can travel through/under/around these archways, engaging with their peers and creating their own games.

H2Oasis at Wet'n'Wild Duel 4
Wet'n'Wild C-Horses Acrylic Panels


Adjacent to the included seating options, C-Horses stand sentinel on the edge of the splashpad, delineating the space between rest and play.  Each C-Horse features an acrylic panel that diffuses light and colour as the sun moves through the day, the surface reflections delighting people of all ages.

The entire splashpark is adorned with a multitude of water sprays and flooding water features, increasing interactivity on the splashpad and extending the play experience even to the youngest users.

Complemented by a huge custom shade structure and surrounded by shaded seating and picnic tables, the H2Oasis is an aquatic sanctuary that ignites a sense of wonder with a huge array of interactive aquatic activities. 


Village Roadshow CEO, Clark Kirby said the opening of this new precinct has been an exciting time in Wet’n’Wild’s history with the area already creating joy and memories for guests.

“This new attraction has been a game-changer for Wet’n’Wild providing plenty of new thrills and spills for our guests and the Tallest waterslide tower in Australia featuring three slides has been extremely popular,” Mr Kirby said.

“The H2Oasis splash zone has also been welcomed as the perfect precinct for families visiting with younger guests and ideally provides something on offer for the whole family.”




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